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From the very start of being a medical equipment distributor, VMED Group, with tireless efforts, has built our foundation in shaping a connecting journey between Vietnam and the world. Our ultimate purpose is bringing optimal healthcare products and services closer to valued customers. Such journey is the connection of technology solutions, medical products and services into a complete ecosystem in healthcare sector.

VMED Group chooses to grow with a proactive and pioneering attitude in the Medtech field, with a vision to create sustainable & humane values ​​for the overall development of Vietnamese healthcare industry. Focusing on in-depth research, application of technology solutions to catch up with trends, flexible and appropriate deployment in each unit, VMED Group is proud to make our mark as a national medical technology corporation, contributing Vietnam medical intelligence positioning on the world map.

Desire for connection with each customer, with each strategic partner, with the potential talent network and between each member of the VMED Group towards the noble and human mission of the Corporate is the source of inspiration and strength for us to renew energy and move forward every day.

VMED Group is now on CONNECTION JOURNEY with the ultimate mission:


“Commit to a healthier and happier community”

How we identify ourself in our customers' minds?


VMED Group have been making relentless efforts and by our passion, rationality and scientific research, to realize our mission "For humanity"


With our comprehensive products and smart solutions, we are in progress of connecting our network of customers, professionals, health workers; our strategic partners, investors; potential personnel and make solid connection between each VMED Group members.


VMED Group set our vision toward a renowned brand in Vietnam for e-health products and solutions, which shall be highly appreciated in the world.


We have been buiding and cementing trust of our valued customers with our passion, enthusiasm and efforts in the journey of caring for community's health and happiness.


VMED Group have proven ourself to be a high potential, trustworthy partner for Governmental Departments and International Medical Brands in large-scale projects.


VMED Group have pioneered the innovation in providing comprehensive medical solutions and services in Vietnam, looking toward a digital medical future with smart hospitals.

Our Business

Our Business