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In the 1854-1855 years, the Crimean war broke out and the number of British soldiers dying from sickness increased by 10 times due to the shortage of doctors, rare medicine, terrible sanitary conditions and spreading infection. Ms. Florence Nightingale – Leader of the nursing team taking care of wounded and sick soldiers of the British Royal Army, together with the nurses, alternately cleaned the hospital, medical equipment, reorganized the patient care system, disinfected and organized to clear up sewers and create ventilation, thereby reducing the death rate of wounded soldiers due to infection from 42% to 2%. She was the first person to establish a foundation on sanitation in medical facilities.
The annual International Nurses Day is celebrated by countries around the world on 12 May – the birthday of Ms. Florence Nightingale, to commemorate her great contribution to the establishment and development of the modern nursing profession as well as the recognition and honor of society on the role of nurses in taking care of people, especially patients. Florence Nightingale is the spiritual mother of nurses around the world.
Elizabeth Kenny is an Australian nurse and health manager who goes against the ideology and wisdom of conventional medicine and advocates treatment of muscles affected by polio with a moist warm compress and exercises instead of fixing them with braces. After many studies, she concluded that stiff muscles must be relaxed if the effects of the disease relieve. The procedures performed by her for muscles revival are the foundation of physiotherapy that are later known as modern physiotherapy.
Jean Ward invented the phototherapy in 1956. She often took babies out to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and expose them to sunlight in the belief that it will be good for them. After a time, she began to realize that the jaundiced infants had skin improved after their exposure to light. From such fact, phototherapy was developed as a popular treatment for jaundice in infants.
In February 1949, in a letter sent to the first nursing class at Interzone I, Uncle Ho wrote “Nursing is not only a profession but also an obligation… The nurse keeps an important role in preservation and improvement of the people’s health. The Nurses are soldiers that fight sickness to protect the well-being of the race. The military nurses should be willing to suffer from hardships and difficulties; should be full of humanity and sacrifice, etc “. Uncle Ho’s advice affirms the important role of nurses in the cause of people’s health protection and care.
Ms. Vi Thi Nguyet Ho is a person who attaches great importance to training and maintaining standards of practice in the operating room; leads the development of Surgical Nursing in particular and Nursing in general. She is the founder of the Vietnam Nurses Association.
MSc. Pham Duc Muc – Chairman of the Vietnam Nurses Association said: “Medicine is the art of healing – Nursing is the art of taking care of the sick”. Nursing is not a profession to assist doctors but a profession to assist patients. The nurse’s work has a much broader scope than performing the doctor’s orders. The nurse’s duty is to take care of the sick.
Millions of nurses around the world are playing a pivotal role in the healthcare system. They are in charge of checking patient’s condition, prescribing medicine; fully preparing tools, supporting surgeons, making an important contribution to the success of surgeries and performing other tasks to serve the primary health care and recovery for patients. Those are people who devote all their hearts, enthusiasm and make great efforts to develop and aspire to bring health, joy and happiness, and spark hope for all.
Every nurse – every healthcare professional, thanks to silent dedication and sacrifice, plays a very important role in the healthcare of the whole population and achievement of common healthcare goals.
Vietmedical would like to express our deep thanks for valuable experiences and enthusiastic shares of nurses across the country in the journey to help us gradually improve products and solutions. For the common goal of healthcare quality improvement for residents in Vietnam!”

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