Hanoi, 18 July 2020,
Under the permission of the Vietnam Medical Association, Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists, on 5 January, 2020, the project for establishment of the Training Center of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists was officially approved and came into operation. After more than half a year of operation and recognition of certain efficiency in training implementation, on 18 July, 2020, the Training Center of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists was officially launched under the SimCAT name (Simulation and Continuing Anethesia Training).
SimCAT is the official training center of the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists in charge of four main functions: Improving standard practices in anesthesiology and resuscitation; Research and development of various types of continuous training in anesthesiology and resuscitation; Internationally connecting and training human resources; Promoting simulation-based training as well as other standard training types.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Thuan – Deputy Minister of Health emphasized: “For continuous improvement of the quality of health human resources, satisfaction of the requirements of the protection and care of people’s health, the health sector in Vietnam should fundamentally and comprehensively renovate training and international integration, promote the responsible role of hospitals. To implement this task, the selection and training in a standard environment is extremely important. Regular training at universities and colleges provides basic knowledge, however, continuing training and simulation training will update new technology knowledge and processes, clinical skills and important working skills important in anesthesia and resuscitation in particular and in all clinical disciplines in general. “
Sharing about the meaning of the establishment of SimCAT Center, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cong Quyet Thang – Director of SimCAT Center, Chairman of the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists said: “The birth of SimCAT is an important mark of Vietnam’s anesthesia and resuscitation. Using simCAT, the anesthesiologists will have a domestic good training location where professional knowledge and technical processes are standardized. In particular, SimCAT applies Simulation – model-based simulation training is the main form of training. In addition to knowledge acquisition, students have the opportunity to improve their skills and attitudes before challenging real situations. It can be said that comprehensive training is a very important contributor to improving the quality of human resources for anesthesia and resuscitation in Vietnam in the future.
To officially put SimCAT into a comprehensive and effective operation, creating a lot of quality training values, in addition to the professional guidance, direction and direct instruction of experienced experts from the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists, the co-operation units also made meaningful contributions. Mr. Ngo Thanh Son – Deputy General Director of Vietmedical Joint Stock Company (member of VMED Group – VMED Group) proudly shared: “Vietmedical is extremely honored to be selected by the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists to become its co-operation unit throughout the process of development and implementation of activities of the SimCAT Center. We are pleased to contribute models of resuscitation rooms, operating rooms and technical rooms, etc to serve the learning process of students at SimCAT. These models are fully integrated with modern high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers in the world such as GE Healthcare, Medtronic, etc. Vietmedical hopes that such investment efforts shall bring the students of Anesthesia and Resuscitation major a professional and methodical environment of study and practice in line with clinical practice so that after the SimCAT’s training process, the students can effectively apply knowledge and improve the quality of medical examination and treatment for the people.

The establishment of SimCAT Center – Training Center of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists meets the inevitable development needs of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists. SimCAT Center will play the role of coordination and management of training activities and direction in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation in order to promote the strength of the Society, contributing to speeding up the development of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists into Vietnam’s Professional Association with a medical qualification equal to that of advanced countries in the region and the world./.
Regarding legal basis, the establishment of SimCAT Center – Training Center of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists ensures the requirements of:
Resolution No. 46 – NQ/TW dated 23 February 2005 of the Politburo on the protection, care and improvement of the people’s health in the new situation;
Law on Medical Examination and Treatment dated 23 November 2009.
Pursuant to the Government’s Decree No. 45/2010/ND-CP dated 21 April 2010 on the organization, operation and management of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists.
Decree No. 109/2016/ND-CP dated 01 July 2016 by the Government regulating the issuance of practicing certificates for practitioners and operating licenses for medical examination and treatment facilities.
Decree No. 111/2017/ND-CP dated 5 October 2017 by the Government regulating the organization of practical training in the health sector training;
Decree No. 101/2017/ND-CP dated 1 September 2017 by the Government on training and fostering of cadres, civil servants and public employees and Circular No. 01/2018/TT-BNV dated 8 January 2018 by the Ministry of Home Affairs guiding a number of articles of Decree No. 101/2017/ND-CP;
Circular No. 22/2013/ TT-BYT dated 9 August 2013 by the Ministry of Health guiding the continuous training for health workers;
Decision No. 97/QD-BT dated 27 May 1978 by the Minister and the Prime Minister on the establishment of four specialized associations directly under the Vietnam Medical Association.
Decision No. 107/QD-BNV dated 5 February 2013 by the Ministry of Home Affairs approving the Charter (amended and supplemented) of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists;
Resolution of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists in the meeting reaching agreement on the opinion on the establishment of the Training Center under the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists in Can Tho on 6 December 2019.

Vietmedical Joint Stock Company operates in the field of medical equipment trading and supply of medical services and is a member unit of the VMED Group – VMED Group (widely operating in the medical field, trading in 5 main areas, establishing a closed supply chain of products – services, including: Manufacturing medical equipment, Distribution of medical equipment & supplies, Medical Information Technology Solutions, Healthcare Development and Consultancy, Healthcare investment).
Towards the common mission of VMED Group – “A commitment to a healthier and happier community”, Vietmedical is pleased to co-operate with SimCAT Center, Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists in efforts and creativity to make more contributions to the added value to Vietnam’s medicine. On this basis, a premise is established for improvement of the quality of medical examination and treatment to serve the Vietnamese people.
For further information, please contact:
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