Holiday Announcement for 30 April & 01 May


30 APRIL & 01 MAY 2022

Dear Valued Partners and Clients,

For your convenience, VMED Group would like to announce our Southern Liberation Day 30/4 and International Labor Day 1/5/2022 as follows:

  • VMED Group will be closed from 30th April (Saturday) to 3rd May 2022 (Tuesday)
  • Business operation will resume as normal on 4th May 2022 (Wednesday)

We are pleased to announce to our customers, partners to keep information and convenient for business contact. 

From all of us VMED Group, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Best regards,

VMED Group

Lunar New Year Closing Announcement



Dear Valued Partners and Clients,


For your convenience, VMED Group would like to announce our Lunar New Year Closing 2022 as follows:


  • VMED Group will be closed to observe Tet Holidays 2022 from 29th January (Saturday) to 6th February 2022 (Sunday)


  • Business operation will resume as normal on 7th February 2022 (Monday)


We would like to thank you for your support and cooperation in the year 2021 and look forward to receiving your continuing assistance in 2022. We look forward to working with you in the future and contributing to your success.


From all of us VMED Group, we wish you and your family a joyful and prosperous Year of the Tiger 2022!


Best regards,


VMED Group


VMED Group – Medtech for the new normal

Accompanying the development and addressing the challenges of the healthcare sector, VMED Group is pioneering innovative medical solutions to drive healthcare transformation and improve treatment quality and efficacy.


Experiencing the negative impacts of COVID-19, Vietnam’s healthcare sector has been accelerating remarkable transformation, benefiting all stakeholders.

At present, 100 per cent of hospitals nationwide deploy IT in hospital management while personal health records are being compiled into databases for smart preventive treatment and management.

Telemedicine and the Internet of Things are also widely applied, along with AI, robotics, and blockchain in all treatment fields.

The pandemic also strengthened pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing. Many high-tech medical solutions like software to read test results, new surgical masks with intelligent fabric for pandemic prevention, high flow oxygen generators, and ventilators, debuted in the market.

Medtech businesses have made great contributions to all this, with VMED Group among the pioneers.

A pioneer in innovation

The pandemic has created new trends of diagnosis and treatment, and spurred a high-tech-driven development trend among medtech businesses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. They have introduced new solutions and digital platforms where no direct contact is required, helping doctors connect with patients in new ways.

VMED Group is a pioneer of innovative comprehensive medical solutions, now focusing on four major areas: medical IT solutions, manufacturing and distributing medical supplies and equipment, as well as investing in the healthcare sector.

VMED Group – Medtech for the new normal

Pham Quang Huy, chairman of VMED Group, shared, “During the fourth wave of the pandemic, we made great efforts to bring to Vietnam medical devices that can be used in COVID-19 prevention and treatment such as ventilators and monitors, and developed telemedicine solutions to reduce death rates and improve the healthcare service quality and people’s lives.”

“VMED Group commits to a healthier and happier community and continues developing the best possible medical solutions including modern medical devices, high-quality medical consumables, and best-in-class medtech solutions to create a comprehensive smart healthcare ecosystem,” he added.

Some outstanding medical solutions of VMED Group include Hospital Information System; CLAS Healthcare Electronic Medical Records; Picture Archiving and Communication System; and a telemedicine system for remote examination and treatment, for example. Moreover, the company’s tele-ICU connects Bach Mai Hospital with Yen Bai Hospital and Hung Vuong General Hospital, ensuring uninterrupted treatment for patients, especially in the COVID-19 landscape.

In medical equipment distribution, with an extensive logistics network and professional engineers, the group supplies comprehensive and smart solutions for intensive care, and wards of resuscitation, anaesthesia and recovery, as well as surgery.

Especially, in the wake of the country’s policies to increase the localisation of medical supplies, VMED Group has been investing in developing and modernising its manufacturing factories with a strict quality monitoring process. With a vision of sustainable development, the group has focused on research and development to create “Made in Vietnam” products meeting international standards such as auto disable syringes and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products.

Realising the aspiration

Despite its growth potential, Vietnam’s medtech market is still beset by a lack of knowledge and accessibility, outdated habits and incomplete medical infrastructure.

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Luong Ngoc Khue, Head of the Ministry of Health’s Department of Medical Examination and Treatment, said the telehealth master plan and electronic medical records are important initiatives to accelerate the sector’s digital transformation. The two targets are ensuring professional support for all health facilities, especially district-level ones, and ensuring universal access to regular healthcare.

Medtech businesses play an important role in these goals. To adapt to and develop in the post-COVID-19 landscape, VMED Group has adjusted its development strategy to focus on the connectivity of resources, technologies, and experts.

The group collaborated with senior experts and professional partners to improve medical training in Vietnam. VMED Group has supported the establishment of the Simulation and Continuing Anethesia Training Center with advanced medical devices and many professional training activities.

In addition, the group connects medtech startups with mentors and investment funds, helping them develop solutions to present daily health issues to build healthier and happier communities.

The group cooperated with Hanoi University of Science and Technology to research and produce BKVM-HF1 high-flow oxygen machines which were licensed by the Ministry of Health for circulation in June 2021. Hundreds of BKVM-HF1 units are now used to treat COVID-19 patients.

“We plan to build manufacturing factories and trading units overseas to boost our international presence, putting Vietnam on the global medical map,” Huy added.

(Source: Minh Anh/ Vietnam Investment review)

VMED Group was honored for contributions to the community in the COVID-19 prevention

On the evening of 2nd December 2021, in HCM city, the US Commerce Association in Vietnam (AmCham Vietnam) hosted the 2021 AmCham CARES Awards for COVID Relief and Recovery.

With numbers of contributions to the community in the past time, VMED Group was honored in the category of “Contributions for Vaccines, Medical Supplies & Equipment”.

This is considered as the recognition for the journey of spreading love and connecting happiness that VMED Group accompanies with doctors and people.

The VMED Group employees were not afraid of danger, rushing with the frontline with doctors and nurses during the 4th outbreak in Vietnam.

VMED Group and divisions promptly donated numbers of crucial equipment to support the treatment of COVID-19 patients such as: awarding 10 Comen’s High Flow Nasal Cannula machines (HFNC) worth nearly VND 1 billion for the Vietnam National Association of Emergency, Intensive Care Medicine and Clinical Toxicology and the hospitals which treat COVID-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh area.

Mr. Nguyen Francis Tuan Anh – The Representative of VMED Group was awarded for the unit contributing vaccines, equipment and medical supplies, which has joint hands to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without hesitating to go to the “hottest spots” of the pandemic, HFNC machines were handed over by VMED Group to white-shirted soldiers – the frontline doctors at the COVID-19 Resuscitation Center of Bach Mai Hospital, Le Van Thinh Hospital (District 2), Le Van Viet General Hospital (District 9), District 7 Hospital, 30/4 Hospital and Nguyen Trai Hospital. The HFNC NF5 Comen series awarded by VMED Group in the project, is also being globally used by COVID-19 treatment hospitals recently with exceptional features which is adaptable for field hospitals, such as: can be used without the central gas system, touchscreen via gloves; built-in SPO2 meter to monitor the patient’s hypoxemia; especially the flow rate can be up to 80l/min which is suitable for patients with severe condition.

VMED Group has researched and produced compatibly to the realistic context, cooperated with Hanoi University of Science and Technology to implement the project “Research and manufacture HFNC machine with BKVM-HF1 symbol”. Nearly 800 BKVM-HF1 machines have been produced and used in COVID-19 treatment hospitals nationally, from field hospitals, field warehouses, to provincial Departments of Health and the Lao Ministry of Health.

VMED Group sponsored protective equipment for key medical facilities (K Hospital, No. 3 Hai Duong Field Hospital), donated 40,000 A.D syringes with 0.5ml 25G needles to the Preventive COVID-19 Vaccine Fund and some crucial hospitals in HCMC – 2021.

VMED Group actively energizes the “white shirt soldiers” with protective equipment (masks, medical gloves, protective gear) that is promptly sent to many hospitals across the country with a total value of over VND 100 million.

Along with other meaningful activities, fulfilling the mission of those working in the medical field – “For a healthier and happier community”, this VMED Group’s journey will continue and spread more and more love.

VMED Group continues to connect happiness lovingly

On December 14, 2021, “Connect Happiness” journey stopped with a visit at Viet Duc University Hospital (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City) to convey love and thanks for the efforts of medical workers who have done their utmost to improve people’s health.


The COVID-19 outbreak in Hanoi has become quite explosive, with numerous cases appearing in the community. Medical workers are still dealing with the stress of epidemic prevention and control, as well as guaranteeing the proper execution of medical examination and treatment at the unit. Many individuals must make the difficult decision to stay in the hospital, away from their families, in order to keep their loved ones safe as well as devote more time to take care of people’s health.


In order to share the load with the medical team, VMED Group continues to carry out the “Connect Happiness” journey which energizes love for the employees and health workers of Viet Duc University Hospital. To combat the pandemic, it is necessary to stabilize medical examination and treatment, as well as to give a hand to help other medical offices in the pandemic prevention work.


On that journey, the representatives of VMED Group brought the most genuine feelings, full of love, and sent small gifts for the family who is the back of the staffs from departments such as: Active Resuscitation, Biochemistry, Infection Control, Anesthesia, Nutrition, Neurosurgery II… VMED Group believes that family and loved ones, particularly children, will feel the love of the community and provide spiritual support to medical workers so that they may work without worry.


VMED Group representatives offer gifts to medical workers from Viet Duc University Hospital. Photo: Hoai Nam


VMED Group and the Connect Happiness Foundation will continue to carry out appreciation activities and accompany people who carry out the purpose of caring for community health as part of the “Caring the Carers” journey, with the objective of standing side by side with the medical team.


“Connect Happiness” Foundation was established by VMED Group with the purpose of sharing the Group’s workers’ sincerity for individuals and society via initiatives that spread optimism. Through a variety of meaningful activities, we continuously connect with our customers and community in order to commit to a healthier and happier community./.


In the complicated status of the Covid-19 epidemic in many provinces and cities across the country, especially in the hotspots of Ho Chi Minh City, simultaneously, in response to the program “Together with Youth to fight against COVID-19” of Tuoi Tre Newspaper, Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group donated 10 high-current oxygen machines (HFNCs) worth nearly 1 billion VND to the Vietnam Emergency and Poison Resuscitation and field hospitals treating Covid-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City.

In recent days, the largest epidemic center in the country – Ho Chi Minh City, has continuously recorded many new cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Only on August 6, 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City continued to record 4,060 new cases and three more Intensive Care Centers were put into operation.

The increase in the number of people infected with the virus has led to an increase in the number of severe patients showing signs of respiratory failure, and the equipping of medical equipment to promptly give first aid and resuscitation to severe patients such as ventilators (HFNCs) machines is more urgent than ever.

In that context, along with responding to the program “Together with Youth to fight against Covid-19”, Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group decided to sponsor 10 high-flow oxygen machines (HFNC-High Flow Nasal Cannula) from  Comen brand with total value nearly 1 billion VND with the desire to support health officials in the tough fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

The HFNC NF5 Comen machine awarded by Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group in the program is also being widely used in Covid-19 treatment hospitals in many countries around the world in recent times with special features suitable for diseases such as: It can be used where a central gas system is not available; touch screen via rubber gloves; built-in SPO2 meter to help monitor the patient’s hypoxemia; especially the flow rate can be up to 80 l/min suitable for patients with severe condition.

On August 9, 2021, Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group and representatives of Tuoi Tre Newspaper gave 5 HFNC NF5 Comen machines the Vietnam Emergency and Poison Resuscitation to use at the COVID-19 Resuscitation Center, Bach Mai Hospital. With the desire to contribute to the current tough and fierce disease epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh and the southern provinces. The remaining machines were also donated on the same day to Covid-19 field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, including Le Van Thinh Hospital (District 2), Le Van Viet General Hospital (District 9), District 7 Hospital, 30/4 Hospital and Nguyen Trai Hospital, were put into use soon to serve the treatment needs of patients.

Representative of Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group and Representative of Tuoi Tre Newspaper at the Awarding Ceremony of HFNC NF5 Comen high-flow oxygen machine at field hospital No. 16 this morning (Source: Tuoi Tre Newspaper)

During the awarding ceremony, Mrs. Nguyen Phan Le Chi – Representative of Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group shared: “Now, millions of Vietnamese hearts are heading towards the epidemic hotspot of Ho Chi Minh City. As the number of Covid-19 cases shows no sign of stopping, we believe that high-current oxygen concentrators (HFNCs) delivered to hospitals treating covid patients will effectively support treatment and save lives for more patients.”

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh – President of the Vietnam Emergency and Poison Resuscitation said: “The epidemic situation is increasing, causing a large proportion of patients with moderate respiratory failure. Timely use of high-current oxygen machines (HFNCs) can help patients ensure breathing during disease progression, significantly reducing the number of patients requiring intubation, thereby reducing the rate of patients presenting become severe.” Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh also expressed his respect for the spirit and responsibility for the community of Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group, which has always stood by the association in many anti-epidemic activities with specific activities.

The machines were also donated on the same day to Covid-19 field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, including Le Van Thinh Hospital (District 2), Le Van Viet General Hospital (District 9), District 7 Hospital, 30/4 Hospital and Nguyen Trai Hospital, were put into use soon to serve the treatment needs of patients.

It is known that this is not the first time VMED Group has made meaningful and timely contributions to the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic. Earlier in May in Hanoi and Hai Duong, Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group sent to doctors and nurses at Hanoi K Hospital and Hai Duong field hospital with protective equipment such as anti-epidemic suits and N95 masks from the “Connect Happiness” Fund of VMED Group with the goal of sharing to build a healthy and happy community.

The Representative of Vietmedical – Member of VMED Group also shared: In the context of the epidemic still threatening the safety of people; As a corporation operating in the field of healthcare, VMED Group always tries to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, protect the people’s health and respond to the call for the whole country to join hands in the fight against the epidemic. This war will be long not only in Vietnam but all over the world. Vietmedical also hopes that more businesses will contribute efforts and resources with the common goal of winning the all-people fight against the “enemy” of Covid-19.

ALVO Modular Operating room at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

In hospital design, the surgical area and especially the operating room are considered as the heart of the project. Hospital operating room design standards are always closely supervised. The standard operating room plays an important and decisive role in the success of the operation. Let’s listen to voice of medical experts after experiencing the Alvo operating room system installed by Vietmedical – member of VMED Group.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Sim – Deputy Director of the Center for Screening, Prenatal and Neonatal Diagnosis of Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital: “In the past, patient emergency was the top priority, the factors of facilities and infection control was less prioritized. At this time, the operating room is only considered as a field operating room. Today, when technology develops, the gap between Vietnam and developed countries has narrowed, a standardized operating room must meet the international standards for floors, ceilings, walls, materials, and construction equipment, ensuring a highly specialized operation and good sterility”.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Sim – Deputy Director of the Center for Screening, Prenatal and Neonatal Diagnosis of Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitals said that the standardized operating room helps ensure the surgery with high expertise and good sterility

Dr. Nguyen Thi Sim also shared that the quality of the operating room is one of the main reasons leading to the reduction in the success rate of surgeries. This is also the motivation for Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital to decide to invest in an absolutely sterile operating room system, meeting European operating room standards. Choosing Vietmedical – member of VMED Group as a partner to build the standardized operating room system because Vietmedical is one of the pioneers in setting international standardization of requirements for operating room interior design in Vietnam. Possessing strengths: High-end products, effective design consulting, professional implementation, 24/7 customer service, Vietmedical has consulted, implemented solutions for installation and construction of room infrastructure at a series of large-scale hospitals across the country.

Vietmedical brings the optimal solution in operation, keeping up with the global trend, using 3D augmented reality technology. All materials are imported from Europe with the highest technical standards, the module panels are kept the same size as shown in the design drawings, without repair and cut, ensuring the most accurate assembled details. multi. Along with that, the modular wall system is firmly built on a powder-coated steel frame with permanent silver ion coating, anchored at 3 points on the wall, concrete floor, and ceiling, connected by silver ion silicone gaskets. Glass wall panels are made of materials that can be bent, not broken, and resistant to shaking in the event of an earthquake. In particular, the silver ion antibacterial solution combined in the walls, ceiling and module surfaces permanently prevents the growth of bacteria, silicone gaskets contain antibacterial silver ions and are resistant to ultraviolet rays and detergents. washing, germicidal products, water, steam and chemicals. Laminar flow plate – gas flows in each layer, the clean air system can control cleanliness, humidity, creating a screen of dust agents from the operating area, ensuring a clean air environment.

  Alvo Modular Operating Room is consulted and installed by Vietmedical

Alvo operating room system optimizes lighting with modular technology in walls and ceilings combining integrated technology solutions for data transmission over IP protocol, doors, instrument cabinets, observation windows, monitors and other equipment. Other equipments are integrated inside the operating room wall, which help to save space and bring a modern and impressive look. Seamless modular wall panels are bent according to the design of the operating room, column boards, achieving high aesthetics and maximizing room space.

As the expert directly performing many complicated surgeries at the standardized operating room system, Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy AnhDirector of Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital said: “The operating room possesses precise mechanical structure, meeting the standards of infection control and be able to perform high-tech, viral, and super-sophisticated techniques. We are very satisfied with the operating room installed by Vietmedical and in the future, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital will implement a project to build an international-standard operating room like this”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh – Director of Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital share about the project of building an international-standard operating room as ones constructed by Vietmedical

Owning standardized operating room system is a prerequisite to bring success to surgeries, providing maximum support for doctors to perform high techniques, ensuring absolute sterility, thereby increasing the quality of life, the patient’s survival rate and improving the quality of treatment at the hospital./.

Medtech Village at Techfest 2020: Creating connectivity to revolutionise healthcare

The Medtech Village will host a seminar on November 28 as part of Techfest Vietnam 2020 to discuss digital transformation solutions to revolutionise healthcare.

The Kick-off ceremony of Medtech Village on November 19

The event is expected to see the participation of leading experts in the medical tech field in Vietnam and the world, including Cao Anh Tuan, technology director of Genetica; Nguyen Francis Tuan Anh, Technology and Solutions advisor at VMED Group; John Masud Parvez, founder and president of Vietnam Social Health Revolution; Quang Duong, technical lead of Google Health, and Tran Quoc Dung, CEO of Ominext Group, among others.

They also include representatives from the Ministry of Health, organisations, and leaders of leading businesses in the field.

The seminar is a good chance for the parties to learn more about the government’s and the Ministry of Health’s policies and orientations in the digital transformation process in the sector, digital transformation trends in the global medical sector, demands and visions about digital transformation from hospitals, and real stories from startups.

Especially, the event will have a roundtable between startups and speakers, with discussions to focus on digital transformation in the medical sector.

Being one of the 12 tech villages and communities present at Techfest Vietnam 2020, Medtech Village has the mission to connect units, organisations, and individuals to seek and support innovative projects in medical technology, while creating opportunities to connect with financial resources, development partners, and share knowledge with leading experts in the field, thus creating a startup ecosystem with sustainable development in the digital era.

As part of Techfest 2020, Medtech Village will host a number of activities to increase connectivity, cooperation, and power of the five parties: Schools – the State – Scientists – Businesses – Community in a move to create a supporting network for startups.

Ngo Thanh Son, deputy general director of VMED Group, who is also head of the Medtech Village

Ngo Thanh Son, deputy general director of VMED Group, who is also head of Medtech Village, said, “In order to gain success in digital transformation, the healthcare sector really needs creative minds, enthusiasm, and patience from businesses, and startups nationwide. The Vietnamese medical tech market is still facing many challenges because it requires intensive and thorough knowledge, is difficult to access, while consumers’ habits are difficult to change. However, promising markets such as healthcare infrastructure are not developed much and there is a marked lack of technology for management, operation, and administration and diagnosis and treatment activities.”

“Aware of the situation, VMED Group, the head of Medtech Village, and Genetica, cum head of the Village want to support startups in creating common values of international level,” he noted.

The launching ceremony of Medtech Village was held on November 19, officially kick-starting a chain of its activities to connect and support startups at Techfest 2020.

The other highlight of Medtech Village’s activities at Techfest 2020 is the seminar titled “Digital transformation solutions to revolutionise healthcare” held on November 24, as part of Techfest of the Southeast Region 2020.

By Bich Thuy

Source: Vietnam Investment Review

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